Mercure Microsites

3 Microsites designed and developed for Mercure Hotels

As the site was to be accessed through a QR code it had to be designed Mobile first.

The first concept was for a Summer cocktail mix, where the user chose what they were interested in in a holiday. These three choices were then mixed together and an result given dependent on the answers. This was all done with JQuery, paying special attention to the, at the time, extreme exertion put on mobile processors by too much Javascript animation.

The second concept was more of a 'Choose Your Adventure' style story, where the user chose a path to find their destination. Using illustrations by a colleague. I upped the ante slightly with this one, animating the flat characters to make them jump off the screen.

Animation between the frames

The last concept was to be a more in depth look at the local areas surrounding the hotels. This site required a full CMS, and I chose Concrete5 as it was the most flexible for the information we were looking to store and the structure I had envisioned for the site. The site is still live and being updated.

Technologies used

HTML, CSS, Javascript (JQuery), Concrete5 CMS, PHP