Record Sleeves

Three record sleeves

As a long time collaborator and DJ with the Downtownsounds collective in Dublin I was asked to design some of the covers for their 'Classics' series, designing Volume 2 which came out in 2013, Volume 3 which was out in 2014, and Volume 4 which comes out in 2016. I incorporated photos taken by myself while traveling, to give different views of a city.

This is the design for a digital joint release Fatty Fatty Phonographics and Paper Disco in Manchester. The illustrated 'tentacles' on the cover are influenced by recently reading Octavia Butler's "Exogenesis".

Studiocanal Print Work

Although my background is digital I have been required to create print work while at Studiocanal

Rush was the one of the biggest moments for the company to date. For the World Premiere on Leicester Square, I was asked to create banners that would be displayed in front of the Odeon, adapting the main creative for all three. This was my first time working at such a large scale and I was quite happy with the results. You can see the left and right banners in the photo below.

When my own workload permits I pick up some day-to-day print work if the other designers are a bit too busy. This was a promotional postcard made for the Evil Dead remake.

Technologies used

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign