Royal Shakespeare Company

New responsive website, designed and built for the RSC

With celebrations for Shakespeare's 400th Anniversary coming up, I was hired by the RSC to design and build a new responsive website as a showcase for their work and the spearhead for their online presence.

What's On & Book Tickets

Being a theatre, the most important part of the site is What's On & Book Tickets. It was designed to allow users gain an overall view of what what happening at the RSC. We use the main show artwork to engage the users, and give a brief introduction to the play or event.

What's On & Book Tickets - filtering performances

The filtering system for What's On is based on three simple questions: What, Where and When. The user can also search by keyword, or view what we present in cinemas, which is slightly separate from our main offer.

Choose what
Choose where
Choose when

Select Your Own Seat

When redesigning the Select Your Own seat mechanism, for touchscreens I decided on a block based interface to make it easier for users to choose individual seats. On devices with a mouse, the user is presented with the whole level.

Choose a level
Choose a block
Choose your seat
Seat information
Add to basket

Play Hubs

A lot of content is created around live plays, and the challenge was to expose this content without taking away from the main drive of buying tickets, so a system of prioritising sub pages was created. Different content types include, video embeds, soundcloud interviews, multimedia galleries and cast & creative galleries.

The Ticket Buying journey can start in a Play Hub, and so I designed a system of filtering to enable to user to find the best performance time and place for them.

Play Hubs

Basic Content Pages

As a lot of content is generated by the company, covering a broad variety of topics, templates for this information had to be robust and flexible. They were also designed taking into account different ways of navigating the site, including cross-promotion of sections and plays. Also included were widgets for video, image galleries, and performance lists.

Calendar View

We are continually upgrading the website with features that weren't possible in the timeframe for the original launch. A current project that I'm very excited about is a Calendar View for What's On & Book Tickets. This will provide users with another, enhanced way of planning their visits and getting a broad view of our offer.

RSC Live App

This app is a means to provide our In Cinemas customers with access to the programmes they normally don't have. I kept the design within the same family as the website, but pushed our design system to work within a native app. Build using Adobe Experience Manager and in conjunction with John Good Ltd, the app works on both iOS and Android.

Technologies used

HTML, SCSS/CSS, Javascript (JQuery), AEM

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