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Hello. I'm Andrew.

I’m a User Experience Professional, with 15 or so many years experience in different aspects of design. I have built websites (large and small) and apps, churned out billboards, molded services, and managed teams. I love deep collaboration and finding the sweet spot at the intersection of Customer and Business Value.

I'm an alumni of both d.MBA, and Currently doing online courses on Systems Thinking and Carbon Dioxide Removal/Direct Air Capture.

At the moment I'm particularly interested in doing some work related to the environment, but I'm always open to interesting projects.

1. Craft

A luxurious interface, a beautifully balanced piece of visual work, slickly written code, a stimulating, surprising experience - it’s all good. I really value thought and effort in how the work gets done, as well as the output. And this means accessibility - taking the time to meet your customers where they are, and make it better for everyone.

2. Impact

Sure, “empathy” is fine... but it only gets you a fraction of where you want to go. And what does that gorgeous interface matter if the business model rides roughshod over customers, stakeholders and employees? I like to get to the heart of who is impacted and how - good, bad or otherwise.

3. Collaboration

I don’t know who said it first (I have a suspicion it was Erika Hall), but I want to work dedicated to the idea of “Design together, document alone”. Working with talented people from a variety of backgrounds (hopefully not 5 guys who look like me) to amplify, remove barriers and the obvious.

A quick rundown, with some Case Studies, of some of the places I've worked and what I've built most recently.

Climate Local

Climate Local

In 2022 I co-founded a non-profit with the aim of bridging the gap between media coverage about the Climate Crisis and taking climate action.

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Tayberry Design System

Musgrave Retail Partners

Managing the UX Team at Ireland's largest retailer, I helped transform the company approach to User Experience and design operations.

SuperValu Design System
The ALX Launchpad Graduation Ceremony


Education focussed startup based in Nairobi, Kenya. As User Experience Lead I was responsible for design across a number of B2B and B2C products and services, digital and otherwise, and also brought a design lense to internal systems and processes.

Feedback App Case study
Visual Representation of just3things


Just3things was built in-house at OVO Energy in Bristol, UK to maintain alignment of cross functional teams at scale. I was brought onboard to help accelerate customer discovery and user experience design as it was brought to market.

Case study
The What's On section from the Royalshakespeare Company website

Royal Shakespeare Company

Contracted to build a new responsive website in time for an anniversary year, I designed and delivered a new website in 9 months, completely overhauling their digital presence and establishing a new online identity. The website's traffic increased by 20% during the first year after the relaunch.

Case study
Mascot for the Kingdom Bee Highway

Kingdom Bee Highway

Having worked with local environmental groups in Tralee to help with their focus and effectiveness, I co-founded the Kingdom Bee Highway to increase community engagement in conserving our biodiversity.

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